Serles Dosier Barrett


SERLES DOSIER (4) BARRETT (RICHARD CLAY3, RICHARD W.2, THOMAS1) was born 01 Oct 1859 in Daviess Co., KY, and died 16 Aug 1924 in Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY.

He married MATILDA BRAY 08 Jan 1890 in Daviess Co., KY, daughter of JAMES BRAY and TERESA DRURY.


i. PAUL CLIFTON BARRETT, b. 10 Nov 1890, Daviess Co.,KY; d.
12 Aug 1949, Mercy Hospital, Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY. Roman Catholic Priest.

ii. MARY CECELIA (SR.MATILDA) BARRETT, b. 20 Jul 1892, Daviess Co., KY; d. 25 Jun 1968, Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, Marion Co., KY.

iii. VICTOR MAURICE BARRETT, b. 19 Jan 1894, Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY; d. 04 Dec 1968, Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY; m. BESSIE MAE BEEKMAN, 03 May 1921, Springfield, Clark Co., OH.

iv. WILLIAM EDWIN (ED) BARRETT, b. 22 Nov 1895, Daviess Co., KY; d. 24 Dec 1958, Daviess Co., KY; m. ANNA ETHEL HOWARD, 18 Nov 1919, St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church, Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY.

v. SARAH AGNES (AGNES) BARRETT, b. 17 May 1897, Daviess Co., KY; d. 29 Aug 1974, Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY. Never married.

vi. ANNA (SR.BERNARDA) BARRETT, b. 16 Feb 1900, Daviess Co., KY; d. 03 Aug 1977, Chesterfield, St. Louis Co., MO.

vii. TERESA MATILDA (TEEK) BARRETT, b. 29 Jun 1902, Daviess Co., KY; d. 20 May 1966, Daviess Co., KY; m. PAUL FLAGET BURCH, 09 Jan 1923, Daviess Co., KY.

viii. DOZIER CELESTINE (DODE) BARRETT, b. 30 Jan 1905, Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY; d. 08 Jan 1960, Texarkana, AR; m. ABELL BEATRICE SIMPSON, 15 Nov 1927.

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